Welcome to Core Athletica® Pilates Studio

We are a full-service Pilates studio located in Ankeny, Iowa.

We offer a variety of classes to meet your individual needs, from beginner to advanced. Our classes are designed to help you strengthen and tone your body, improve your posture, and increase your flexibility.

At Core Athletica®, we are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Our experienced instructors will provide you with personalized instruction and guidance to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

Studio Opening Late Summer 2023

Class Schedule Coming Soon

Meet the Owner

Erica Ziel B.Sc., FDN-P, CPT

Owner of Core Athletica® Inc., creator of Knocked-Up Fitness® and The Core Rehab Programs, Erica has been in the fitness industry for 20 years, with a degree in Health and Human Performance from Iowa State University, PMA®-CPT, STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, Personal Trainer Certified, Nutrition Coach, and Mom of three. She has morphed her education with her constant finding of research, and hands-on approach to teaching prenatal clients. Most recent writing for the Strength and Conditioning Journal about Prenatal Training.

She's a small-town Iowa girl that fell in love with healing the body through movement. Now two decades later, she empowers this message to women through programs, podcasts, courses, and now her very own brick and mortar Pilates studio!

Grand Opening

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